New year’s eve menu in the restaurant "Ladoga"

New year’s menu 2020

  • Salad with chicken fillet, pickled mushrooms and carrots in Korean, decorated with a sprig of greens and a pickle
  • Salad «red tulips» on a substrate made of fresh cucumbers and decorated with green onions
  • Pickles

Meat plate

  • baked ham homemade
  • boiled tongue
  • ham rolls farshirovannye cheese filling and garnished with pineapple.

Fish platter

  • snack in Russian
  • rosette of salted salmon
  • red caviar in tartlets with butter, a slice of lemon and sprig of dill
  • mushroom hat with a smoothie of avocado and shrimp

Hot dish

  • chicken Kiev with a side of rice and eggplant baked with tomato and cheese


  • kissel from cranberries with ice cream sprinkled with grated chocolate
  • fruit vase
  • coffee cookies

Bread basket

  • butter bread homemade
  • brown bread


  • tea, coffee
  • cowberry drink
  • Water — 1 bottle of 0,5 l
  • Champagne Russian -375 g
  • The wine Alma del Toro red – 375g
  • Vodka Five lakes – 250 g

Each guest Christmas gift

The price of 5900 rubles per person, including festive program.

Phone 7 (812) 528-56-28