Booking a hotel room

Booking a hotel room today is one of the most popular services, because few travelers dare to visit a particular city without first ensuring a place of residence. In many cities, for example, resort, hotel rooms can be booked only in certain seasons, in many this service is relevant year-round. The latter included famous St. Petersburg, which stands on the Neva. He is among the ten most visited cities in Europe, and according to statistics, the annual flow of tourists through it is more than 5 million people. Therefore, to ensure maximum comfort to your trip you should think about how to pre-book a hotel.

It is worth noting that pre-booking of hotel rooms allows judicious choice of accommodation and find the best cost offers.


Hotel «Ladoga» in St.-Petersburg, located near the metro station «Novocherkasskaya», at any time of the year is ready to welcome guests. We not only offer affordable prices for accommodation and additional services, we guarantee attentive attitude to each guest, as well as a comfortable stay in our rooms.

Hotel «Ladoga» is located in a quiet area. Thanks to the excellent accommodation conditions and proximity to the historical centre, it is popular among guests and residents of St. Petersburg. Turn to us as a business, for which a special daily rate, as newlyweds, to whom we offer a wedding Banquet and a honeymoon Suite.

To avoid certain inconveniences associated with mismatched plans of the hotel and guests, we recommend you to use this service, as the reservation of rooms in the hotel «Ladoga». This will provide you with a guaranteed move in date is selected.

To book a room in our hotel over the phone and via the Internet, filling the special form on the website. We offer clients various payment options, including directly on arrival.