In the new season GMZ Peterhof will work longer

In the new season GMZ Peterhof will work longer

Starting this year, the Grand Palace and the central fountains of the Peterhof GMZ will be available for longer.

The opening hours of the palace were extended to 21:00, the fountains will be turned off at 19:45. In addition, beneficiaries after 18:00 will be able to freely enter the Lower Park. The ticket price for the Russians remained unchanged at 450 rubles. For foreigners, a visit to the Grand Palace will now cost 50 rubles more and amount to 1,000 rubles.

Starting this year, it is planned to launch the Museum Courtyard project, during which the Museum of Collectors, the Benois Family Museum, the Sovereign Fun and the House of Playing Cards will be combined. Around the museums there will be a space with a cafe, an open-air cinema and public art with modern sculptures. Visitors will be able to buy one ticket to all four institutions with a discount of 33% to 45%.

This year, the fountains of Peterhof can be again admired from April 27. In addition, on May 18, a traditional holiday will be held for citizens by the beginning of the spring season.

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