The cucumber fish again pleased Petersburgers. The main facts about smelt

The cucumber fish again pleased Petersburgers. The main facts about smelt

By the way, the smelt festival was recognized as the most interesting gastronomic event in Russia, which takes place in May of this year. About the cucumber brand correspondent of the TV channel "St. Petersburg" Artem Sharipov.

All the needs of passionate smelt lovers are met by Rifkat Sharaev, based on many years of experience. Fish is fried in a pan, baked on charcoal, smoked directly with visitors. Smelt in the spring for restaurants - a goldfish. Everyone wants only her.

RIFKAT SHARAEV, chef: “This is a symbol of St. Petersburg, it happens a short period of a year. Everyone is in a hurry. ”

The smelt season is short, the fish is rare, which makes it cult in the understanding of St. Petersburgers. While you wait for April - the height of the season - appetite is being played out to the limits, so without a holiday, of course, it is impossible to meet the long-awaited event. I want to write poetry.

Naum Sindalovsky, historian-historian: “From love, but from smelt, there is no sadness and grief. Cracked ice, smelt swims to visit. "

- In spring, she walks along the northern shore, enters the Neva Bay and the Neva.

Fish is always fresh. Another reason to love smelt.

ALEXANDER SHURUKHIN, head of the laboratory for the forecasting of the raw material base of the branch of the FSBIH "VNIRO": "She is not lucky, like pink salmon, from the Far East or cod from the north, the fishermen catch, and the next day she is on the table."
 Rich places have long been known. Fish are larger on Luga Bay, smaller in Vyborg Bay, but larger. They begin to catch in the winter. In the spring, not a single fisherman was smelt by the bay.
ARTEM SHARIPOV, correspondent: “In the spring, smelt is caught in great water. If you sail on a boat, you can see buoys, sometimes home-made, just colored bottles that mark fishing tackle. Smelts are mined for five hundred tons per year. If you compare with the beginning of the two thousandths, this is a success, then it was only about a hundred a year. "
 But with the 1980s can not be compared, then mined up to two thousand tons. Demand today exceeds supply. Hence, such prices for the symbol of St. Petersburg. First of all, businessmen suffer. Delivery service - like roles, only smelt - cannot reach a new level of development. Holiday weekend boom. Orders only on special days.

Among the regular customers are Muscovites who do not have such joy, and St. Petersburg-Leningraders in the third generation, no less. Foreign guests know about fish from the latter.

- The Chinese call it cucumber fish. And it is so translated into Chinese and everyone really likes it.

Cucumber fish is gradually turning into a delicacy. The climate in the Gulf of Finland has changed, and the fish will definitely not be anymore.

ALEXANDER ONISHCHENKO, founder of the smelt delivery service: “In addition, there is also a dam, and the seal is eating smelt.”

From the good news, oddly enough, the environment, the Gulf of Finland has become cleaner, experts say, and the fish is healthy, it is tested in the laboratory for parasites.

ALEXANDER SHURUKHIN, head of the laboratory for forecasting the raw material base of the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher VNIRO: “Everything fits into the standards, that is, good.”

The love of smelt was not affected by photographs of a local fisherman who found a gold ring in his belly. The story ended in nothing, well, perhaps, in the comments the man was laughed at. What they did not advise to do with the ring and fish to the poor fisherman. Logical questions about what smelt eats, hinting at carrion, also did not blacken the symbol of the city, scientists call such a food system quite normal. Smelt continues to be the main fish of St. Petersburg and all of us.

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