Open city: tours of beloved Petersburg

Open city: tours of beloved Petersburg

The “Open Map” project offers to get to know Petersburg better, in the format of “excursions from local to local”. You will find traces of Jewish mysticism, take a morning walk in the Shuvalovsky park, visit the places of Nobel, Mayakovsky and Harms.

The “Open Map” project is an author’s excursions about St. Petersburg unknown to you. The city will appear in all its diversity from the ceremonial creation of Montferand to the evil cesspools on Ligovsky Prospekt. Local historians, guides, city madmen, lovers of Petersburg will tell incredible stories that happen right under your nose.

The participants of the excursions will find out where under Nicholas I there was a secret school of Jewish soldiers, they will see three centuries of Shuvalovsky Park, take a walk along Mayakovsky's Petrograd and places of the genius of the absurd Daniel Kharms. You will turn into respectable Petersburgers of the 19th century, visit military Petersburg and revolutionary Petrograd, penetrate the closed exposition of the Street Art Museum, help turn an abandoned restaurant into a fashionable place, love the sky of St. Petersburg along with small aircraft.

Cost: 300-400 rubles.