On Birzhevaya Square, the Druzhba rally started

On Birzhevaya Square, the Druzhba rally started

On Birzhevaya Square, the Druzhba rally started. Soviet cars will finish in the center of Finnish Lappeenranta. Our correspondent Vadim Fedoseyev knows how the preparations went and what the current retro-run is dedicated to.

VADIM FEDOSEEV, correspondent:

“Now the participants of the Friendship rally are getting ready to go on a trip. A few minutes remain before the start. In total, about 15 cars are declared. All of them will move in one column. Although I’m not a car enthusiast, but when you look at all these cars, your eyes just run wide. These are historical exhibits.

One of the oldest cars is the GAZ 21, 1961 release. Well, the youngest - VAZ 2106, popularly - six. The rally has been held for 3 years in a row. So the organizers decided once again to remind everyone about the friendship between Russia and Finland. The rally route will be next. First, the participants will go to Vyborg, and only then to Lappeenranta. ”

MAXIM ZABIROV, organizer of the retro-friendship “Friendship”: “Tomorrow we will arrive in the city of Lappeenranta on the market square, put up our equipment there, the technique of Finnish clubs will join us. Everyone can see, meet, ask questions to the owners of cars., Enjoy our Soviet automobile industry. "
 The rally will last three days. Upon arrival in Finland, all participants can, as they say, go about their business. And if you want to extend the journey.

Source: https://topspb.tv/news /2019/05/10 /na-birzhevoj-ploshadi-startoval-avtoprobeg-druzhba-pryamoe-vklyuch ...