Swans Ruslan and Lyudmila go for the winter

Swans Ruslan and Lyudmila go for the winter

A pair of St. Petersburg swans moves for the winter to the Leningrad Zoo. In the warm season, Ruslan and Lyudmila swam in the Karpiev pond of the Summer Garden.

From the end of October to the beginning of May, the employees of the city menagerie will follow the birds. There Ruslan and Lyudmila live in a warm aviary.

Swans were born in Chekhov in 2011 and a year later they came to Karpiev Pond. The couple has no chicks yet - by the standards of the animal world she is young. When Ruslan and Lyudmila have offspring, they will be able to live in the summer in the Summer Garden with their chicks.

In the Leningrad Zoo, a rare orchid Wanda blossomed in the fall. You can see it above the pool in the Exotarium, where koi carps and fruit piranhas live.

Source: https://kudago.com/spb/news/lebedi-ruslan- i-lyudmila /