"Swallow" rises to Bologoy in 3.5 hours

"Swallow" rises to Bologoy in 3.5 hours

According to reports from Russian Railways received by Gazeta.Spb, high-speed Lastochka trains will run on the Petersburg-Bologoe route from October 1, 2018. In normal mode, trains will consist of five cars, if necessary, they can be doubled.

"Swallows" are made and developed by Simens AG (Germany). In Russia, they most often go on routes from Moscow to the nearest regional cities. Also, "Swallows" go along the route Krasnodar-Sochi.

According to the messages received by Gazeta.Spb “Swallows”, which are scheduled to be launched along the route Petersburg-Bologoe from October 1, they will be improved. They promise that the guides will pay great attention to the disabled.

The fare on the route will be from 266 rubles to 1599 (business class).

Source: http://www.gazeta.spb.ru/2058058-0/