Concert "Favorites" from the show "Ural Dumplings"

Concert "Favorites" from the show "Ural Dumplings"

What is needed for a perfect summer? Vacation, sea and sun! But what if the vacation falls in the fall /winter, the sun stubbornly hides behind the smog and clouds, and with the sea, geographically, it’s not very lucky? Then the Ural Dumplings Show will help!

In the midst of summer, during the break between the seasons of filming, the artists of the show present the audience with the special “Favorites” program. From the huge list of funny numbers created by the Ural Dumplings about everything in the world, the most fun, the most popular, the most memorable, the most stellar ones were selected for the concert!

Participation in summer concerts “Ural Dumplings. Favorites ”takes the golden team: Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Julia Mikhalkova, Sergey Isaev, Dmitry Sokolov, Andrey Rozhkov, Dmitry Brekotkin, Maxim Yaritsa.

Want to see your favorite artists on stage, not on TV? Do you want funny bloopers and fresh improvisations to be born right before your eyes? Want to relax with your family? Make a really fun meeting with friends? And just spend a memorable summer evening? Come to the concert "Favorites" from the show "Ural Dumplings".

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