Kite Festival "Fortolet"

Kite Festival "Fortolet"

For 2 days, the sky above the fort "Constantine" will turn into a bright and colorful canvas of giant kites. Participants from different countries will present to the public their best creations of all colors and shapes. Last year, the festival was visited by more than 4 thousand spectators.

Participants from Finland, Estonia and Poland will show spectators 15 and 25 meter kites. Visitors will also be able to become full participants in the festival.

In the program of the festival:

  • Kite flying workshops;
  • Season opening at KingVinch Recreation Park;
  • Board games area for children and adults;
  • Trampolines, rope town, climbing wall;
  • Bumperball and shooting gallery;
  • gyro scooters;
  • Souvenir fair;
  • Concert program;
  • Food courts and barbecue;
  • Wakeboard Demonstration Competition;
  • Kitesurfing workshops;
  • Season opening at Fort Constantine Yli Club
  • Lighthouse Museum Tours.

For guests' convenience, free buses will run from Kronstadt to Konstantin Fort during the festival days. Stop 36 Kronstadt highway (First stop when leaving Kronstadt). Interval: every 15 minutes.

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