Festival of electronic music and contemporary art "Present Perfect Festival"

Festival of electronic music and contemporary art "Present Perfect Festival"

PPF is parties, concerts, educational sessions and, of course, a 20-hour music event, where Russian and foreign performers will perform.

This year's headliners will be: Nina Kraviz (RU), Ellen Allien (DE), Hessle Audio (UK): Ben UFO + Pearson Sound + Pangaea, Blawan (UK), Lena Willikens (DE), Ron Morelli (US), Broken English Club - live (UK), Aux 88 - live (US). BURN Residency, a famous DJ Roustam, will also perform at the festival.

Especially for guests PPF prepared a lot of surprises. So, the partner of the festival - the energy drink BURN - organizes a special secret bar with an exclusive performance by a guest headliner and gives unique gifts. In addition, a live broadcast will be organized for all techno fans in the Present Perfect Festival by Nina Kraviz, which is one of the leading figures in the modern club industry.

During the three days of the festival will also perform: Roy Ayers - live (US), Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers - live (US), Anastasia Kristensen (DK), Baba Stiltz (SE), Damiano von Erckert (DE), DMX Krew - live (UK), Dolan Bergin (UK), Galaxian - live (UK), Imatran Voima - live (FIN), Jus Ed (US), Matias Aguayo (DE), Marcellus Pittman (US), Move D (DE), Mesak - live (FIN), Moscoman - live band (IS), Objekt (DE), Pearson Sound (UK), Pangaea (UK), Telfort (UK), Bogdan (RU), DJ 1985 (RU), El (RU), Eostra (RU), Hoopa (RU), Kito Jempere (RU), Lipelis (RU ), Lluck (RU), Mashkov (RU), Module Werk (RU), Nocow - live (RU), Simple Symmetry (RU), Shutta (RU), Timofey (RU). The list of artists will be supplemented.

The brightest three-year history has recommended Present Perfect Festival as an authoritative Russian event dedicated to progressive musical culture. A bold definition is supported by both international press reviews and thousands of visitors from across the country.

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