KOREA COVER DREAM Hongdae Festival
Have you ever strolled around the Hongdae student district in Seoul? Did you make purchases in the markets, try the latest in Korean street food and become a member of a real impromptu concert? The April festival in “Weavers” is your chance to imbue this unique atmosphere without leaving St. Petersburg.
Library Night 2019
Sleepless nights can be spent not only in museums, but also in libraries. At the end of April, a traditional cultural event for book lovers will be held in St. Petersburg again.
City Day 2019
Petersburg - 316! In May, our city celebrates its next birthday, and the holiday program promises to be eventful.
Tinkoff Stereoleto Festival 2019
In 2019, the Stereoleto festival moves to Sevcable Port. Having changed the venue, one of the brightest summer festivals in Russia will delight guests with the performances of grandiose headliners and promising beginners of the domestic and foreign scenes, as well as an exposition of contemporary art, a large-scale food court, rich entertainment program for all ages and other pleasant surprises.
Museum Night 2019
Only once a year does it happen that museums, theaters, libraries and other cultural spaces do not close at the end of the day, but arrange an all-night feast for lovers of beauty. This year the action will be held in mid-May.