The legendary Tu-134 made the last flight in its history
Aircraft airline Alrosa Tu-134 made the last flight in its history. He transported 70 people from Irkutsk to the city of Mirny. This is the only passenger Tu-134 remaining in service.
In St. Petersburg, nearly 400 people were affected by ticks per week
One Petersburger was bitten by an insect infected with tick-borne encephalitis.
Experts have estimated which professions people can replace with robots
About the introduction of robots in production and services. In the near future, they may leave many without work.
The contact center for tourist information support began to work in St. Petersburg
Calls are received both from Russia and from abroad.
Architectural beauty injections. Statues of Rostral columns plan to be restored before the end of summer
Rostral columns begin to be put in order - the last time they were restored 16 years ago to the 300th anniversary of the city. The time has come to renew the facades and rejuvenate the internal structures. Alexander Burenin will tell.