Underground Kingdom: Metro Museum Opens After Reconstruction
On November 2, the St. Petersburg Metro Museum will reopen its doors after a massive reconstruction.
Film critics named the best films of the XXI century
Among the variety of paintings, annually in large numbers produced by studios around the world, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Film critics come to the rescue, who have chosen the hundred best films of the century.
Pulkovo entered the top of the most beautiful airports in the world
The beauty of the airport is manifested in thoughtful architecture and functional design, according to reporters from the reputable British publication The Telegraph. In their opinion, Pulkovo satisfies these requirements.
Flying dragons will visit St. Petersburg
A huge multi-colored heavenly serpent, the hero of Chinese myths and legends, will seem to Petersburgers.
Peterhof fountains will work another month
The season of the famous imperial fountains has been extended for a month.