Moscow Troika and St. Petersburg Podorozhnik will unite in May
Closer to summer, a new ticket will appear at the box office of the St. Petersburg and Moscow metro, combining Troika and Podorozhnik: it can be used both in the Mother See and in the city on the Neva.
Russian Railways will increase the number of trains for the May holidays from Moscow and St. Petersburg
At the end of April, the railway carrier introduces additional flights from the capitals.
"Day of Good Letters to Veterans" will be held in St. Petersburg
Everyone will be able to get a DobroPost theme card for free and write warm words on it for the defenders of the homeland.
The launch date of the fountains in Peterhof became known
One of the important signs of the onset of spring is the launch of fountains. In Peterhof they told when the water jets will soar upwards, and by what date a grandiose holiday is planned at the Grand Cascade.
Russian Museum will celebrate its birthday with concerts and quests
The Russian Museum is about to celebrate its 122nd anniversary on a grand scale. Among the festive events - free concerts, quests, excursions, prize drawings and exhibitions.