You can get to Catherine Park for free
The special offer is valid until October 20 and does not apply to all.
Petersburgers can pay by bus with a credit card
Until the end of summer, new payment terminals will appear on all 150 routes of St. Petersburg and its suburbs.
In St. Petersburg opens a "hooligan" ice cream parlor
The creators of the idea prepare ice cream according to authentic Italian recipes, as well as a special dessert for vegans.
15There will be free trains between the host cities of the Confederations Cup
Fans of big football will be able to feel comfortable at the upcoming holiday of sports. Russian Railways decided to launch free trains for fans between cities hosting tournament matches.
Hundreds of decorative balls will decorate St. Petersburg for the Confederations Cup
The city is actively preparing for one of the most high-profile world football tournaments. The appearance of the cultural capital will be transformed by decorative balls and flowers.