Alternative traffic signs appeared in St. Petersburg
Recently, St. Petersburg residents have additional motivators - activists of the Yav movement posted a series of alternative motivating road signs in the Northern capital. For example, lovers are offered to become more determined and “buy her flowers”, and students “believe in themselves”.
Fountain "Neptune" will return to Peterhof
At the end of January last year, restoration work began on the Neptune sculptural group, the oldest fountain in Peterhof — it was installed in 1799. And so, after such a long time, the fountain returns to its rightful place: it will be possible to see it in all its glory already on April 5th.
Look at the Russian nature at the exhibition in "Floors"
The photo exhibition Wildlife of Russia, prepared by National Geographic magazine, will open in early February.
Underground Kingdom: Metro Museum Opens After Reconstruction
Petersburg metro is the deepest subway in the world. But our metro is not only remarkable for this - its stations can please the eye, and history keeps many secrets. On November 2, the St. Petersburg Metro Museum will reopen its doors after a massive reconstruction.
Get ready to party in the summer at a music festival
The festival of music and contemporary art that has already become traditional will once again be held in St. Petersburg this summer.