Kite Festival "Fortolet"
On June 10 and 11, the 2nd International Fortolet Kite Festival will be held on the territory of Konstantin Fort in Kronstadt.
Early booking for the 2018 World Cup
Early booking of rooms at the Ladoga Hotel for the upcoming World Cup 2018 is open.
The Russian Museum will not be closed during the reconstruction
It was only necessary for Petersburgers to be afraid that one of the main museums in the city would become unavailable for several years due to repairs, as the general director of the Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev hastened to reassure everyone. In his appeal, he stated that the museum would not be completely closed until the completion of repair work, and only the main entrance and the first floor would be closed.
In the center of St. Petersburg there will be a monument to smelt
In St. Petersburg there are many historical monuments dedicated to great people and events. But there is a number of small unusual monuments in the Northern capital that are familiar and dear to the heart of every Petersburger - Chizhik-pyzhik, Hare by the Hare Island, Cat of Vasilisa. Soon their list will replenish another, dedicated to smelt.
In the subway train-library will appear
On the eve of Book Day, a special composition decorated with bookshelves will appear in the St. Petersburg subway. Naturally, books in the library train will not be real - QR codes will be placed on the images of publications, with which the book can be downloaded to a smartphone absolutely free.