Gamma Festival
The large-scale Russian festival of music, art and urban culture for the third time will be held in St. Petersburg from July 19 to 22.
Festival "Urban Culture Festival"
On July 7 and 8, the Urban Culture Festival is hosting a powerful manifesto festival for the third time for representatives of urban subcultures and progressive youth. At the new city venue Port Sevcable will feature several thematic zones: street fashion, sports, music, rap, graffiti, tattoos, dance, media, and lifestyle.
World rock hits and classics from the talented string quartet “Flying”
On June 27, the Roof place rooftop will host the concert “World Rock Hits and Classics” from the talented string quartet Flying.
Ice performance “Romeo and Juliet”
From June 6 to 24, SK Yubileiny will host the screenings of Ilya Averbukh's ice musical Romeo and Juliet.
The performance of Casanova
On June 4.5 and July 7.8, the Comedian’s Shelter Theater will show the love story of Casanova, based on the dramatic works of M. Tsvetaeva.