The head of the Chanel fashion house bequeathed his entire fortune to a cat
The famous courier has repeatedly said that the Chupette cat has its own condition. As it turned out, he was not joking - everything really went to her. Of course, even with such money, she still needs care, so, it seems, Chupette is looking for a new owner.
Researchers Find Trace of Last Neanderthal in Gibraltar
It is known that ancient people were smaller than modern man. The footprint left by the last Neanderthal is extremely small - only 17 centimeters. This gives the right to consider that the maximum height of a person was 1.25 meters.
Sirius Children
The Sirius Children's Educational Center is today the only project of the Talent and Success Foundation, reports Ekho Moskvy. Created on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the center has the right to sell alcohol since February 14.
Graffiti with Yegor Letov appeared in St. Petersburg
Artists of the art group YAV dedicated their street art to the leader of the civil defense musical group. Petersburgers and city guests can find a portrait in the Nekrasovsky Garden. 11 years ago, Yegor Letov died in Omsk, the contribution of his group to the culture of youth in the 90s is great. Next to the portrait of the singer in branded round glasses, quotes from several songs of the Civil Defense are written.
Embankments of St. Petersburg lost 300 cubic meters of snow
About 300 cubic meters of snow were removed from the embankments of the Northern capital per day, reports SPb GBU Mostotrest on February 24. We are talking about all the main embankments, but most of the snow was removed from the embankment of the Moika River, the Griboedov Canal and Petrograd Embankment.