KOREA COVER DREAM Hongdae Festival
Have you ever strolled around the Hongdae student district in Seoul? Did you make purchases in the markets, try the latest in Korean street food and become a member of a real impromptu concert? The April festival in “Weavers” is your chance to imbue this unique atmosphere without leaving St. Petersburg.
Performance "The incredible adventures of Pinocchio, or the Golden flash drive"
A fun modern performance based on the fairy tale “Golden Key” by Alexei Tolstoy will be held for children and their parents.
Festival-Fair "Cheese stories"
On April 7, the Pioneer club hosts a festival dedicated to cheese making within its walls. Guests will be able to get acquainted with the impressive variety of noble cheeses, and manufacturers will tell you why cheese is more than just an addition to a sandwich.
Frozen music: the most beautiful interiors of St. Petersburg
Frozen music is usually called architecture, but such a definition is quite suitable for interior decoration - the interiors from our list are distinguished by the same harmony and a sense of beauty. There are not so many palaces and mansions available for inspection in St. Petersburg. We offer a selection of 15 buildings that can be reached.
Epic Con Fiction, Film, and Video Game Festival
Epic Con is a fantastic world that you can plunge into from the first minutes of your presence at the festival!