Beyond reality at the festival of Mirkwood

Beyond reality at the festival of Mirkwood

Platform Studio "lendok" for one day will turn the magical forest. August 21 festival of Mirkwood will open a portal to the fairy world.

The festival wandering Mirkwood Legolas, Hermione and Doctor Who, wandering performers, magical animals and witches. Offers competition kopela, presentation of the library of comic books, the test of not yet released games, the search for the escaped monster, the game in Harry Potter, book presentation by Olga Baumgertner "the Moon in the glass of whiskey."

You will learn about the founding of Hogwarts, learn Celtic dancing, try to impose prosthetics, will play in multiformatnogo "Crocodile" and "the Mafia", will draw a portrait in the fantasy genre. In memory of this wonderful day will buy the magic stuff from the masters.

If you understand that the way back to reality there, but go through the initiation into the role-playing community.

Price: 2 rubles per minute.

Ticket for the whole day - 350 roubles.