The exhibition "Military capital of Russia XVIII - first half XIX centuries"

Exhibition dedicated to the sesquicentennial period of military history of St. Petersburg: from the Summer garden – a monument of the victories in the Northern war to the field of Mars, the place of parades of the Russian army.

Presents unique lifetime portrait of Alexander Menshikov, the first Governor of St. Petersburg, portraits of his successor , a talented military engineer, B. H. Minich, Governor Miloradovich, who died at his post(brushes John DOE), and the model of the monument to Nicholas I, the work of P. K. Klodt, which the Emperor rejected, adopting a more dynamic variant by the same author.

Exhibited a series of etchings depicting scenes of city life military.

"I love the military capital of your stronghold smoke and thunder..." - these lines of Pushkin's "the bronze horseman" dedicated to St. Petersburg, which arose under the protection of the fortress on the Neva river at the beginning of the great Northern war. The first Governor-General new capital - associate of Peter I Menshikov, his successor was a talented military engineer, B. H. Munnich. Under him Peter and Paul fortress was "dressed stone" in the former Menshikov Palace is open Land cadet corps.

Gradually, a severe form of "military capital" was transformed during the half century reign of the two Empress – Elisabeth Petrovna and Catherine II.

Century "Palace coup" was replaced by the triumph Palace and Park ensembles of monuments of Russian military glory during the period of the Northern and the first Russian-Turkish wars.

The austere beauty of the castle and the barracks gave Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs a new kind of under the Emperor Paul I. When it was first erected monuments to the Russian generals – Suvorov and Rumyantsev.

The apotheosis of the "warlike liveliness amusing Marcovich fields" was the reign of Emperor Nicholas I. Built the Narva and Moscow gates triumphal arch of General staff building, Alexander column, a fence made of captured Turkish cannons Transfiguration all Guards Cathedral...