Exhibition of orchids in the Leningrad zoo

Exhibition of orchids in the Leningrad zoo

Guests of the Leningrad zoo from 5 March to observe the wonders of nature awakening after the winter — in the pavilion "Exotarium" opened charming living installation: variegated carp back and forth fun scurrying around the outdoor pool to the sounds of classical music, and above them bloom dozens of rare species of orchids.

Plunge into the world of beauty and whirl in the waltz with the flowers and the fish daily.

PLACE: M. Gorky, Alexander Park, 1, Leningradsky zoo

DATE: 5 March – 31 March, daily from 11:00 to 17:00

ENTRANCE: 500 rubles — adults, 50 rubles — discount tickets

Source: http://www.fiesta.city/spb/events/vystavka-orhidey-v-leningradskom-zooparke/