The exhibition "Tea and coffee ceremonies, and without..."

The exhibition "Tea and coffee ceremonies, and without..."

In our day, a Cup of tea or coffee become something very common. It is difficult to calculate how many fragrant Cup of drink on average consume one from St. Petersburg on the day. To learn more about how drinking tea and coffee in the past, will be from 5th July to 30th August in the Ethnographic Museum, the exhibition "Tea and coffee ceremonies, and without...".

The exhibition will present the various utensils for making tea: you can see here a miniature samovar Russian craftsmen, the original Iranian dishes for tea, large ceramic Belarusian and bright Central Asian teapots, European and Asian coffee pots. Along with them will be exposed to a variety of cups, glasses, bowls, cups from which they drank tea and coffee.

A separate place will be a very special exhibit - the Bulgarian mill for coffee, with the original lisoobrobna stand, resembling a violin. In addition, the exhibition will present all sorts of other appliances for cooking and drinks.

Tickets cost 250 rubles.