The roof: the exhibition "At the height"

The roof: the exhibition "At the height"

How often do familiar things appear in a completely different form, one only has to look at them from a different angle. About the most beautiful cities in the world, you can often hear the phrase "the view from the top". Erarta will give the city residents a chance to enjoy the best pictures of the famous photographers of roofers Vadim and Vitaly Makarova Rascalov from 25th March to the 26th of June at the exhibition "On top".

World fame caught up with two photographers after 2014-the year in Shanghai they climbed to an altitude of 650 meters. Due to the low cloud Vitaly and Vadim had to spend on the roof of the 18 hours before the wind dispersed the clouds and opened up a view of the city. After this go unnoticed was impossible.

The exhibition will provide viewers the opportunity to look at a huge city from a bird's flight and to survive the journey through the most dangerous and remote places of the globe.

Tickets cost 500 rubles.