All-Russian festival of colors

All-Russian festival of colors

Today, the all-Russian festival of colors is one of the most popular summer festivals of St. Petersburg, gathering in one place thousands of people who dream of at least a couple of hours to feel like a real baby.

Over the years of its existence, the festival has significantly expanded, and now every summer is held not only in St. Petersburg but also in 250 cities across Russia, is rightly considered one of the main events of the year among the youth.

The most anticipated moment of the festival – a massive volley of paint. In an instant, thousands of participants throw up paint of different colors, creating in the sky colorful cloud painting from head to toe everyone around him. This year guests of the festival at Kirovets will have to wait for some new areas of entertainment: so, you can try your hand in a huge Twister, jump on trampolines, do face painting or play a Board game.

In honor of the anniversary, the organizers decided to gather on one stage the best in all the years DJs and the most memorable cover band: each day the spectators will have a few hours of famous hits that start dancing is simply impossible.

All-Russian festival of colors – is the one festival where everyone is equal, regardless of skin color, nationality, age and gender. Here, everyone can cast aside all prejudice and to enjoy life together with thousands of festival participants, the festival is no place for Smoking and alcohol – only common sense and pure emotions, beautiful emotions, and live chat!

The festival opens each day at 15: 00, the entrance to the stadium is open from 13: 00.

To join the colorful extravaganza, when you enter the festival you will need to purchase two packets of the brand of paint, the last of the security checks.