The vibration of the world at the exhibition "field Theory"

The vibration of the world at the exhibition "field Theory"

In St. Petersburg will have a new space for contemporary art exhibitions. Center MARS opens a branch in the Passage. 7 Oct welcome to the multimedia project "field Theory". Seven installations by Russian and foreign media artists will surround the viewer optical-sound fields and will be audio-visual effects.

In the center of St. Petersburg will open the Center of MARS. It is planned that the project will occupy two floors and will be the venue for exhibitions, concerts and workshops. MARS is going to assert itself "field Theory", at the exhibition the audience will be immersed in streams of color, with the aid of special glasses, will see the continuous movement of physical fields. Media artist Guillaume Marmin from Lyon voiced the solar system.

Inspired by the examples, try yourself in the role of a media artist. The special installation will allow you to create an image with a digital brush eye movement.

Cost: from 300 to 500 rubles.