University challenge: the festival Geek Picnic

University challenge: the festival Geek Picnic

Despite the fact that in the Northern capital, a huge number of historical monuments, Saint-Petersburg does not lag behind other cities to keep pace with the times, residents of the City on the Neva to date with all technological novelties. And to see them live, to know all news about science and technology, everyone will be able to the largest festival of modern technology, science and art: Geek Picnic returned to St. Petersburg of the 25th and 26th of June!

Again two days Elagin island to become the center of modern life. Each year, the festival supports the most current topics of science and technology. And most importantly - Geek Picnic combines what seemed to be not compatible: science, technology and art.

Again this year will not be without famous headliners - come to St. Petersburg Jamie hyneman from "Mythbusters" who will hold a lecture and talk about his life on the second day of the festival. Also offers Park robots, a games area, food court, market, playgrounds, Expo-area, interesting lectures and scientific experiments.

Tickets cost from 500 rubles.