Walks on roofs of St. Petersburg

Walks on roofs of St. Petersburg

The romance and beauty of St. Petersburg will be revealed to participants walking in a new way: you will see the fascinating panorama of the evening city will be able to make some spectacular photos on the background of the falling asleep of St. Petersburg in the arms of a magical sunset sky, to arrange an unforgettable date, or a bright photo shoot.

Walks take place every day around the clock and last from one to two hours. You can go on the roof with a group of little adventure will cost 600 rubles per participant. For couples and lovers of solitude conduct individual "Magic Walk" value of 1,000 rubles per person.

For an additional fee the organizers can invite a professional photographer to arrange a photo session on the roof. The cost of the photo shoot — 2500 rubles. Romantic date altitude will be remembered, and photos will help preserve the brightness of enchanting memories.

Details about photo shoots and walk on the roof looking at the site https://piteroofs.ru/. Walks are carried out only for persons over 14 years.

Source: https://kudago.com/spb/place/fotomesto-progulki-po-kryisham/