Holiday ice

Holiday ice

How you can cool off in the hottest weather? You can dress lighter, you can swim in the pond, you can sit in the shade of the trees. And you can eat delicious and cold ice cream! However, to indulge in this yummy special conditions are not needed. May 29, on Ostrovsky square will be a Celebration of ice cream.

All day sweet tooth can indulge in all sorts of varieties of frozen treats. Everyone will find here something to his taste - Popsicle, chocolate, berries, ice cream, fruit ice, all the colors of the rainbow, frozen yogurt and all that the imagination of the best confectionery enterprises of the Northern capital. A nice feature would be that in honor of the city Day the prices will be reduced.

In addition to tasting frozen treat, a live performance of children's creative collectives, actors of an original genre, dance to the music from "Cupcake FM" and Pierre Narcisse, as well as the contest "brand of ice cream", bubble show and many more.

Admission is free.