Look at the redheads beauties Gustav Klimt

Look at the redheads beauties Gustav Klimt

19 may creative space Lumiere Hall opens the exhibition "Klimt – Live canvases". The viewer will dive into the graceful world of an Austrian artist. Paintings by Klimt are filled with languid bliss jewelry and the beauty of the world of modernity.

The author of the masterpiece "the Kiss", Klimt is at the origin of the Austrian art Nouveau and is one of the most expensive artists. He managed to unite the decorative and realism, which greatly embarrassed the conservative academics. Works Klimt was accused of excessive sensuality and intimacy.

The projection Museum get ready to be covered bashful blush, because 30 projectors broadcast image on huge screens, so the audience can carefully consider every detail.

Cost: 350-500 rubles.

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