Planetarium No. 1

Planetarium No. 1

"Planetarium № 1" is located in an old gas tank. One of its main features was a projection dome with a diameter of 37 meters. The dome is a large screen onto which the projector is passed through a high-quality image resolution of 8000 pixels. It is partially in contact with the floor, gives guests the chance to feel in the midst of astronomical events.

The resolution of the images projected onto the dome reaches 256 million pixels — consider the space in minute detail.

The planetarium plans to cooperate with universities: start a lecture with Art&Science ("Art and Science"), as well as a series of free lectures on astronomy. An area suitable for events, festivals, audiovisual art, symphonic concerts and Opera productions.

In 2019, the Planetarium will show a new program for all residents and guests of St. Petersburg. To learn more and to buy a ticket on the website