The revived colors of the soul: a multimedia exhibition of Frida Kahlo

The revived colors of the soul: a multimedia exhibition of Frida Kahlo

September 10 at the projection Museum «Lumiere Lounge» opened a multimedia exhibition of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. More than 30 projectors on giant screens will see the colourful paintings of Frida.

This year has been good for fans of the Mexican artist, in February, arrived in St. Petersburg an exhibition of paintings of Frida, and now the artist returns to the Northern capital in a multimedia format. After the exhibition of painting many have complained that due to the large number of people have not had the opportunity to look at the pictures. The exhibition "Frida Kahlo - Revived paintings" you quietly enjoy the projections on seven screens, sitting in soft chairs.

The tragic story of Frida Kahlo appear in the whole volume, you will be immersed in a love drama and matters of the heart this brave and innocent woman. "In my life was two disasters: one when I was hit by a tram, and the other is Diego." Most of the works of Frida is self-portraits, since the artist has long been bedridden, she wrote what I saw - myself in the mirror, but the real world is intertwined with the mythical, the world of dreams, surreal images.

The exhibition «Frida Kahlo - Revived paintings» will run until the beginning of December, rich colors of Sunny Mexico will warm Petersburg in the autumn cold.

The cost from 350 rubles.