A desperate knight in Hermitage

A desperate knight in Hermitage

With the onset of cold weather in the Hermitage will dwell birds of Paradise and shimmering skeletons of dinosaurs. 22 Oct opened a large-scale exhibition of modern Flemish painter "Jan Fabre: the Knight of despair – a warrior of beauty".

Jan Fabre will prove that contemporary art is a worthy heir and successor of the traditions of the old masters. The artist feels on his shoulders not only the hand of his grandfather, the famous entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre, author of "insect Life", but also of Peter Paul Rubens and Jacob Jordaens, whose work he admires.

The idea of the exhibition arose after the creation by Jan Fabre, please temporary exhibition at the Louvre. In the spaces of halls of the Hermitage Saint Petersburg, this thumbnail expands into a monumental artistic event. Here appear more than two hundred exhibits, including a new job.

The exhibition will show eight films, including film performance, shot in the Winter Palace with the participation of the artist in June 2016.

Cost: 400 rubles.