Updated the fun: the opening of the circus on Fontanka

One of the main attractions of the Cultural capital - the Ciniselli Circus on Fontanka, in the middle of December will once again open its doors to guests after a year of reconstruction. Moreover, visitors will find not only updated the interior at the opening ceremony of the 15th of December will arrive the famous clown Oleg Popov.

During the reconstruction, which is almost complete, there have been a number of changes. For example, the entire third floor of the building now is a Museum of the circus, and the number of places decreased by 400 - now 1807.

For the Grand opening tried to glory: from Germany there will arrive Oleg Popov, who over 25 years was not in Russia. The famous clown will stay in the Northern capital for two months and will delight the audience with their program "Let there always be sunshine". The opening will represent "the party at the Cinizelli, or 1001 Cinderella" - to create this view Vyacheslav Polunin, artistic Director of the circus, analyzed more than 400 productions of Cinderella.

Important point - guests who have decided to attend the opening, please respect the dress code for ladies's ball gown from the Fairy Godmother for men mustache a La Ciniselli.