New U-Space at Erarta "Infinity"

New U-Space at Erarta "Infinity"

This year in a big way celebrated anniversary of the first manned flight into space. It was done by our compatriot, Yuri Gagarin, the pride of our country. His birthday was celebrated on 9 March. And on March 11, the Erarta Museum will open its eighth U-Space "Infinity".

The main theme of the new installation - infinity. We are also infinite. Is the infinite appearance, and there are endless internal. External - it belongs to the universe, universal energy field, unfading, uninterrupted chain of generations. Internal is the immensity of our opportunities.

U-Space is a unique installation that allow you to experience a special emotional and mental experiences. Each installation has its own theme, allowing for a few minutes to dive into a completely different life. Visiting time 15 minutes.

Tickets cost 200 rubles (for a group up to 5 people).