New year in St. Petersburg 2016: programme of celebrations

New year in St. Petersburg 2016: programme of celebrations

Center new year's eve in the Northern capital, and always will be the Palace square - will be held the main new year tree of the city. The festive program starts at 22:00 and opens it showing the video-cuts from the Christmas movies. Then the audience will enjoy vivid multimedia show, in which guests can not leave the square to make a trip to the country with a stop at the residence of Santa Claus.

At midnight the crowd in the square will see a demonstration of the appeal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko congratulated the guests after midnight. Then start a music program with performances of well-known artists, and also father Frost and snow Maiden. In addition, the area will drive a big festive dance

The highlight of new year's eve will be a Grand fireworks display. At exactly 3:00, right after the celebrating will begin to spin in dance, thunder colorful shots. Then the New year celebration will continue with a lively disco until 4:00.

We will remind that in the night from 31-go on 1-e in the main square of the city will strengthen security measures. In order not to spoil the occasion with unnecessary trouble, visitors are asked to bring a passport. This does not mean that to get to the tree without it will not work, however, the availability of the document will help the security to work faster.