The elusive flora and fauna: days of natural photography

The elusive flora and fauna: days of natural photography

Looking through countless pictures of wild animals captured in the most unexpected situations, many are delighted, touched, surprised, but not everyone wonders what kind of work a photographer took, how many hours he spent in the cold Arctic desert, how many hundreds of unsuccessful shots he removed before than get the perfect result. Next week, the country's best photographers will share the secrets of their success and show their best photographs at the «Natural Photography Days» exhibition for free.

Masters will share their experience in photography and talk about travels, unpredictable hunting, pursuits of the most bewitching pictures of the world. Winners of major world photography awards will be introduced to the intricacies of nature photography: from the Golden Turtle and Nature's Best Photography to Russia's Wildlife from National Geographic and the Most Beautiful Country 2015 contest.

Features of bird shooting, hunting for polar bears, unimaginable beauty of the most remote corners of our country - all this awaits the guests of the exhibition-meeting "Days of Natural Photography".

EXHIBITION TAKES PLACE March 14-18, starting at 18:30

LOCATION: Russian Geographical Society, Grivtsova Lane, 10, letter A,  from 11:00 to 17:00

Free admission..