Ice fantasy: the festival of ice sculptures "ICE Fantasy"

Ice fantasy: the festival of ice sculptures "ICE Fantasy"

Attentive citizens of St. Petersburg noticed a large tent in Naryshkin Bastion of Peter and Paul fortress, long before I found out what it is. The tent was installed there for a reason: it will be a traditional festival of ice sculptures, which starts on 26 December and will last until 1 March.

For a few months Naryshkin Bastion will turn into a Kingdom of ice - dozens of the stunningly beautiful sculpture of pure ice will entertain guests of the fortress. To create 17 tracks this year the sculptors used 125 tons of ice. Amazing pieces were made by Russian craftsmen, has earned recognition at festivals in Belgium, France, Germany, Canada and China.

The highest figure will be a magical ice castle - the height of its spire is six metro high. And, of course, in the year of the Monkey a special place at the exhibition is the figure of one of the most famous representatives of these animals - the famous king Kong.

Tickets cost up to 500 rubles