Ice story. Festival Ice Fantasy

Ice story. Festival Ice Fantasy

A traditional festival of ice sculptures will open December 24 at the Peter and Paul fortress. Dozens of shimmering in the light colored spotlights ice sculptures form the ice city. The center of the exhibit is a huge cock made of ice – the symbol of 2017.

The festival of ice sculptures Ice Fantasy will bring a long-awaited holiday. The characters of fairy tales and cartoons, a huge six-meter sailboat, and a symbol of the year, sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

Count on the Petersburg weather is not necessary, so this year there will be special arrangements. That tale has not melted, the sculpture will put in a special tent, which will maintain the desired temperature. Just look for the canopy tent and will be in a magical world of icy wonders.

To enjoy the snow Kingdom is possible until 1 March.

Cost: 300-450 rubles.