Where no foot of man: the exhibition "Genesis"

Where no foot of man: the exhibition "Genesis"

In the gallery of contemporary art "Erarta" opened the exhibition of Brazilian photographer Salgado Sebastio. The project Genesis shows the Earth untouched by the Vice of civilization and criminal activities of the person.

Eight years of wandering has generated more than two hundred colour photographs showing the beauty of our planet. The photographer has travelled around the world capturing the Kalahari desert, the jungles of Indonesia, Alaska, Kamchatka Peninsula in search of places that are not spoiled people, or what can still be saved. Black and white photographs one can see the majestic world that perfectly exist without the toys of civilization, more ancient than man.

The project ended in 2011, the exhibition "Genesis" visited by over 3 million viewers. It was the turn of St. Petersburg to pay tribute to our common home.

Entrance on a single ticket 500 rubles.

Source: http://www.cityspb.ru/event-751969/0/