Beauty automotive: Car Vernissage on the Neva – 2016

Beauty automotive: Car Vernissage on the Neva – 2016

There are cars that can be safely attributed to works of art. The beauty of curves, decent paintings by the greatest masters, combined with power, creating unique arrangements that can be seen on 14 and 15 may at the annual Car Vernissage on the Neva.

Hundreds of the best exclusive car will be presented at the festival in seaside Park of the Victory. Appeared ten years ago, exhibition of retro cars has now become a festival that unites all lovers of beauty and cars. Race cars, vintage cars, collectible cars, legends auto industry of the USSR and America, and even military equipment – the exclusive gallery will please and surprise all guests.

The exhibition will be presented the novelties of the automobile industry and real rarities from private collections. And for most of them, you'll not only enjoy, but also, so to speak, to touch the beautiful - for example, to sit behind the wheel.

Tickets cost 300 rubles.