Club bamperbol Bumperball SPB

Club bamperbol Bumperball SPB

Club Bumperball SPB exists since 2013, according to the founders, this is the first in St. Petersburg and in Russia the hall, erected specially for bamperbol. Playground with reinforced sides and soft grass makes the game comfortable and safe, and the inflatable balloon completely covers the body and head. For the convenience of the players the club has changing rooms and showers.

The striking design of club in the style of the space creates a mood suitable for a fun adventure.

In bamperbol can play both adults and children — come with your family, friends or colleagues. The club Bumperball SPB you can just have fun with the football in inflatable balls, participate in contests, learn how to perform tricks or to celebrate a birthday, have a bachelorette party or bachelor party to celebrate graduation. Holidays here hold a charismatic presenters who will show you how to turn somersaults and stand on your head. As a gift to guests — a photo - and videography.

After the game go to the Banquet area overlooking the field and celebrate the victory. Bring food and drinks with you or order on site.

KudaGo for the promotional code to sign up for the game or the day of birth with 5% discount. Play time must be booked in advance.

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