Images from parallel worlds: an exhibition-gallery "3D Serverom"

Images from parallel worlds: an exhibition-gallery "3D Serverom"

We all love good pictures. Without them, rarely do any significant events in our lives - family events, meeting friends, travel. But there is one caveat - in these pictures, for the most part, there is nothing unusual. How about showing a picture of you shaving your van Gogh or fish sitting on the ice, and in the background jumping out of water sharks? To make such personnel will be available to everyone at the art gallery "3D Serverom".

The exhibition "3D Serverom" is an interactive gallery of 3D images, which operates under the roof of the shopping center "Grand Canyon". The exhibition is drawn for a small Museum: it offers 11 meeting rooms, all with walls decorated with unusual 3D paintings are totally different subjects. Just for visitors is available 70 exhibits.

Despite the fact that the exposure does not change, variations for images - a great many. Everyone can choose how to interact with the paintings created in different techniques.

The average score of 350 rubles.