Spanish genius: the exhibition "Pablo Picasso. Paragraphs"

Spanish genius: the exhibition "Pablo Picasso. Paragraphs"

It is foolish to evaluate works only on the level of their cost, but do not completely lose their mind this feature. From 19th November to 29th of December at the Art center in Perinnaya ranks, visitors will enjoy the exhibition "Pablo Picasso. Paragraphs", which will show the work of not only one of the most famous but also the most expensive artist in the world.

The exposition will include the works gathered from private collections of three European countries - Germany, Belgium and France. The exhibition will present 61 lithography. Visitors will be able to fully appreciate the variety of creative techniques of a great artist. Here will show all of the main phases of Picasso's works, as well as sketches, the most famous work - "Guernica", written in 1937-m to year.

The work of Pablo Picasso are not only among the most expensive in the world - long painting "Nude, green leaves and bust" held the record for the value, but the most "popularity" among the kidnappers.

Tickets cost from 250 rubles.