French painting XIX-XX centuries

French painting XIX-XX centuries

In the State Hermitage Museum opened a permanent exhibition "the French painting of XIX-XX centuries".

This exhibition, the Hermitage is a wide audience the works of art that no one has never seen before. They were in private collections in Germany and only a few were able to attend individual shows.

During the Second world war the paintings were hidden, and then taken to the Soviet Union like many other displaced cultural monuments. A significant part of the stock was transferred to Germany in the fifties.

Today will be shown part of what was left by the state in closed storage facilities in the State Hermitage. The Museum was requested to ensure that these monuments are the normal conditions that was done. Paintings and graphic works lived the same way as the Hermitage collection, but it was impossible to show and learn.

The changes in Russia have created the opportunity for the Hermitage by the Ministry of culture of Russia was able to show things out of their closed-end funds. The future fate of these monuments lie ahead of lawyers, politicians and diplomats. The point is museums to show people that for years was hidden in anticipation of a peace Treaty, which did not take place.

Dozens of masterpieces by such masters as Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Cezanne, van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse and many others, were out of sight of both public and experts during a period when the developed current interest and current understanding of impressionism and post-impressionism. Paintings returned to people today, a lot added and a lot has changed in the understanding of art of the great masters. The forced confinement has led to the fact that for decades these works were not in need of active restoration, greatly changing the original appearance of the paintings.

So they appear before my eyes surprisingly "fresh" with sometimes unusual colours. People expect many amazing discoveries of their own. Today the Hermitage gladly shares with his guests the unique feeling of a discoverer, Willy fancy which fate grants but this is not quite an ordinary exhibition.

Entrance: persons under 18 years stay free of charge; 350-400 rubles; the first Thursday of each month — for free.