Festival of water lanterns

Festival of water lanterns

Three day may holiday Park of culture and rest named after grandma will be host to the annual Festival of water lanterns. Under the enchanting sounds of the saxophone and violin on 6, 7 and 8 may, the participants of the festival will be lowered to the water surface of the pond with their lanterns to get closer to the dream and, perhaps, set a record of Russia!

You can choose one of two options lanterns:

  • LOTOS is suitable for those who dreams of love, seeking harmony in the relationship and configured in a romantic mood;
  • the cube will come to the aid of people whose desires are connected with objects and things (just write on each side of the cube that was so eager to get, and probably the universe will listen to you).

To accompany the event there will be artists of the laser and fire show that will draw their mysterious patterns in the darkening sky of St. Petersburg. And this year will open a hot line messages. Call friends and loved ones, come as a family and enjoy the magnificent spectacle. To learn more about the Festival of water lanterns you can by phone +7 (921) 448-48-99.

Source: http://kudago.com/spb/event/festival-vodnyh-fonarikovmay16/