Festival "restaurant day"

Festival "restaurant day"

It is well known that fresh air promotes good appetite. And imagine how it would be great if it was possible instead of standard sandwiches or barbecue to eat real restaurant food under the open sky! The opportunity to assess this idea would appear we all want at the end of may - 21 August in St. Petersburg will host the festival "restaurant day".

"Restaurant day" is a chance for any citizen of St. Petersburg for one day to become a real restaurateur and entertain visitors to its own mini-cafe, restaurant or bar. In the framework of the festival on the streets of St. Petersburg, hundreds of completely unique outlets where you can try all sorts of culinary masterpieces of authentic cuisine.

"Restaurant day" gives you the opportunity to try a variety of dishes from recipes of the ancient Vikings and to molecular cuisine. At the festival there are no limitations neither on the format of the point itself, no recipes, so it is interesting for lovers of cooking and lovers of good food.

Admission is free

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