The future is here: the exhibition "Ball robots"

The future is here: the exhibition "Ball robots"

What until recently seemed science fiction, today become commonplace: space flights have become more accessible, science - clearer and closer. So the robots, which are written in his works of science fiction writers, today is already involved in people's lives. From 28 June to return to St Petersburg interactive exhibition "Ball robots".

"Ball robots" - one of the brightest events of last year. Exhibition for the whole family, brought together the best robots from different countries, swept across 5 cities of our country, gathering more than 200 000 visitors. This year's event promises to be more interesting!

The exhibition is divided into several zones, which include the show of robots from around the world, educational area and the area of virtual reality. To open the exhibit will be Colobot robot designed to communicate with people and socialization of robots, similar to humans. Also, the hotel offers a robot-artist, wooden robot, robot dancers and more.

The cost from 350 rubles.